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Meet Our Team

We are HERE to get you out THERE!

At Bike Therapy, we have an amazing team who truly love bikes and love getting more people riding. We love talking about bikes, our favorite places to ride and everything in between. We love to fix bikes and get you pedaling out there on the roads or trails.  We especially love turning newbies and kids onto this sport that has so many positives, not least of which is that everyone can do it during a pandemic!   We can't wait to meet you!

Picture of Doug



At Bike Therapy since: From the beginning

Started riding: Bought my first road bike in 6th grade

Favorite bike: I'm having a blast on my custom Fuse

Favorite non-biking activity: Competitive corn hole!

Fun fact: Raised on a horse ranch but bikes smell better 

Picture of Paul



At Bike Therapy since: November 2018

Started riding: Consistently in 2013 by commuting to work every day in Seattle

Favorite bike: 2021 Aethos frame buildup 

Favorite ride: Mt. Rainier

Favorite non-biking activity: Huge baseball & MMA fan favorite team is Seattle Mariners, of course 



At Bike Therapy since: April 2021

Started riding: Summer of 2020

Favorite bike: My 2021 Stumpjumper

Favorite non-biking activity: Eating, drawing, anything outside

Fun fact: I danced competitively 

Picture of Josiah



At Bike Therapy since: June 2020

Started riding: Competitively in 2018 with the South County Composite NICA team

Favorite ride: Redwood Retreat locally or Tahoe Flume Trail

Favorite non-biking activity: Playing guitar, mostly the blues

Picture of Austin



At Bike Therapy since: February 2021

Started riding: my whole life

Favorite bike: Stumpjumper EVO COMP

Favorite ride: UC Santa Cruz

Favorite non-biking activity: soccer and running

Fun fact: I love skiing and photography

Picture of Sean



At Bike Therapy since: April 2022

Started riding: When I was 7. I started racing 4 years ago

Favorite bike: A Stumpjumper EVO Pro

Favorite non-biking activity: hunting and golf

Fun fact: I love to ride and race dirtbikes

Picture of Kurt



At Bike Therapy since: July 2018

Started riding: Started riding mountain bikes seriously in 1982

Favorite bike: 2019 Tarmac Pro

Favorite ride: Marin Century

Favorite non-biking activity: Hiking with my wife

Fun fact: My first bike was a Specialized Stumpjumper



At Bike Therapy since: August 2017

Started riding: When I was 5 years old

Favorite ride: Redwood Retreat Road, Roop Road to Coyote Reservoir or Sydeal/Uvas Canyon county park

Favorite non-biking activity: Open water swimming in warm water (i.e. Hawaii) 

Fun fact: I've lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Picture of Evan



At Bike Therapy since: 2018

Started riding: In the 80s

Favorite bike: Rigid Santa Cruz Highball renamed the lowball

Favorite ride: Around Lake Tahoe

Favorite non-biking activity: Camping 

Fun fact: I'm all about my '94 Isuzu Trooper

Picture of Christian



At Bike Therapy since: May 2020

Started riding: When I was 5 years old I had a little lightening McQueen 12”. I  seriously started riding mountain bikes at 12

Favorite bike: My custom 2021 Specialized Enduro.

Favorite ride: UC Santa Cruz 

Favorite non-biking activity: Over-landing in my ‘94 Toyota 4Runner

Picture of Terrance



At Bike Therapy since: September 2021

Started riding: in 2015. MTB since 2020

Favorite bike: my Giant ATX

Favorite ride: SDF in Santa Cruz

Favorite non-biking activity: Hiking

Fun fact: I enjoy building legos!

Picture of Terrance



At Bike Therapy since: June 2020

Started riding: 6 years old

Favorite bike: 2021 Specialized SW Stumpjumper, custom-built

Favorite ride: Santa Cruz

Fun fact: I'm a cowboy at heart! I enjoy working with livestock.

Picture of Sean



At Bike Therapy since: March 2022

Started riding: When I was 2 years old. 

Favorite ride: Northstar or los gatos creek trail 

Favorite non-biking activity: I like boogie boarding and playing with dogs.

Fun fact: I also race dirt bikes

Picture of Jodi



At Bike Therapy since: Since it was a kernel of an idea

Started riding: About 4 years old. Got a fancy Panasonic 10-speed when I was 10 and did my first bike trip at 13, from Rhode Island to Boston

Favorite ride: Riding the Andes in Chile

Fun fact: I lived in Paris and Israel

Here's what our customers say about us…

"Every time I come in for service work or to purchase gear, the staff treats me so well. I often go in hopes that they ask me to just stick around to hang out. Front desk staff are always polite and the mechanics really know their stuff!" - Jesus D.

"Much more than a bicycle store. The staff are brilliant and can figure your needs with a few gentle questions." - Jack H.

"Everyone that I met at Bike Therapy on multiple occasions has been personable, professional, competent and friendly." - TJC

"Doug and his team are always incredibly helpful, and super friendly. Even in the challenging circumstances we're living in right now, they always manage to be patient with all my questions, and take care of me and the family." - Leo G.

"Outstanding service and amazing employees, they are willing to help with any problem needed." - Ezo A.

"Best bike shop around. 1st class staff." - John M.

"This is a great shop. The folks working here are super helpful." - Curt J.