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News and Musings: We Do Our Best Thinking On a Bike...

Shop Early For The Holidays…Or Miss Out!

Not to be an alarmist but, SHOP EARLY! Similar to 2020, there will be a shortage of bikes this holiday season—this year even more so than last year! You really do need to act fast to get your child a new bike for the holidays.  

Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award - Platinum!

We'll admit it.  We are very proud to be one of EIGHT retailers on the whole continent to get this award! We strive to offer our customers a positive experience - every time!  We are happy to be judged one of the best. 

Re-imagining Our Downtown

COVID has created chaos in our world, but also opportunities. Let's take a look at where we live and see what it really could be.  

The Bike Hunt Continues...And Why It's So Challenging

There are a lot of factors that are effecting our current bike shortage.  We dive into some of these and continue to work hard to get you more bikes and get you out riding!

America's Best Bike Shops 2020 logo

America's Best...Again!

We're so excited to get a repeat win of one our industry's biggest awards. Thanks to all of our staff for putting in herculean efforts for the benefit of our customers.  

This prize is about providing a best-in-class retail experience.  Read on to learn about how we make the magic happen.

Birthday Cake with Candles

It's Our 3rd Birthday!

Wow! These past three years have flown by! We have met so many amazing riders that have welcomed us into the community, and we can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support. We love Morgan Hill and are proud to be your bike shop.

Cyclist with Pretty landscape in background

The Outdoors are Open!

Who would have expected that the new normal would mean so many people finding the outdoors?  We are seeing just how important the bicycle is, the perfect vehicle to navigate our smaller, closer knit world.....

Fall color leaves

Cold weather on a bicycle: You can do it!

As the morning temperatures dip well into the 30s, many riders think about parking their bikes until spring.  Don’t do it!  Keep up your cycling miles! With the right gear, you can easily ride year-round in Northern California.  Just follow these basic guidelines....

Bike Therapy Storefront

Happy Birthday to us!

Bike Therapy has officially surpassed its one-year mark, and it is a great time to reflect on this fantastic first year. Thank you, Morgan Hill, for the warm welcome and this year of fun rides, post-ride schmoozing, new friends, and new bikes! We love the community we now call home!