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Roval Wheels

Handmade wheels. True to your ride.

The team at Roval is on a mission to create the best carbon wheels and components in the known universe. They leave no room for compromise, which is why we love them. Each wheel is designed by taking key attributes such as  weight, ride quality, durability and aerodynamic performance into account. The attention to detail pays off, Roval has  more pro wins than any other brand and offerings that deliver performance benefits to riders across many disciplines.

Reinventing The Wheel, on a Regular Basis. 

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The technology that goes into a Roval design is nothing short of amazing. Rims and hubs are purpose defined and designed specifically to work in concert with each other and the spokes. Then advanced computer modeling software  is used to optimize the materials and geometry of each wheel component. One a design is created, finite element analysis simulates loads and stresses allowing engineers to tweak designs before they are ever physically built. 


A prototype is created based upon the findings of the testing. This prototype is built  in the Roval California innovation lab by master craftsmen. No expense is spared in this process as the prototypes are made of carbon and aluminum. 


In order to find the limits, and the limitations, of a design, it has to be rigorously tested before it can move on toward production. Prototypes are put through the ringer. Wind, destruction, and people with big quads and bags of skill all put these prototypes to the test before moving on to the production process. Design. Prototype. Test. Test again. Test in the real-world. 


The rigorous testing protocol yield information that we can use to improve the wheel. Based upon what we learn, changes are made, a new prototype is built, and the test process is repeated. This process is called iteration. With each iteration, the wheel gets closer to what is considered  worthy of production. Roval doesn’t stop iterating until they can’t find a way to improve anything further..


The final product is designed, prototyped, thoroughly tested in the US, California to be exact. Each wheel is assembled to exacting precision by hand. When you purchase a Roval wheel you will see that each wheel contains a card that is signed by the person who built it, detailing final assembly spoke tension for every single spoke as well and degree of true precision. 

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