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Current COVID policies and other FAQs  |  Call or text us (669) 888-3882

Bike Therapy in 2020: FAQs: We're Open!

Beyond COVID!  (And other FAQs)

Yay!  Life is beginning to get back to normal.  We're happy to say that, so far, we're coming out on the other side with everyone healthy and no super-scary incidences.  We want to provide you with all the details on how our "new normal" works at Bike Therapy.

Call or text us any time: (669) 888-3882. Please bear with us as we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

What is your COVID policy?   We're open!  Anyone who is fully vaccinated (is two weeks past their full set of vaccinations) is not required to wear a mask inside Bike Therapy.  If you are not vaccinated, we do ask that you still mask up.  Our staff is doing the same.  There are no longer limitations on social distancing.  We are still diligently cleaning counters and providing a safe shopping environment. If you need any special accommodations, please ask.

I ordered my bike online. How soon will it be ready? We're working hard to get bikes assembled and ready for delivery.  We are down to just a few days to have your new purchase assembled, phew!  We will provide an ETA when we confirm your order.  Contact us with any questions. 

We are not doing many special orders on bicycles these days as our suppliers do not have many bikes in stock in their warehouses. Most of our bike brands provide us with allocations of bikes and we generally know what we will be getting in the next 30 days or so. If the bike is able to be special ordered and is coming from a warehouse, it could take two weeks to arrive (Sorry, everything is taking longer these days). We will follow up with you once we receive your order with exact info. Thank you for your patience!  

Can I bring my bike in for repair?  We're still experiencing high demand for service and we are requiring appointments for any service appointment beyond a flat repair. The good news is that our wait time for an appointment is about a week (compared to about 3 weeks last year!). If you just need a flat changed, we will fix your flat as-you-wait or same-day service.  Once in a while you might have to leave it just overnight with us. 

What’s the best way to get an answer to my question?  Text us at 669-888-3882 (our store number) and we will get back to you as soon as we can, between helping customers in the store.

Are your demo bikes available?  Due to current market conditions, we had to suspend our demo program until further notice. You may still test-ride bikes from the shop but not able to rent a demo bike overnight.

Are your rides still happening?  YES!!!! Saturday morning rides have started and we are also hosting some additional mountain and road rides.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or check out calendar for updates.

Do I have to come inside the store? We offer online ordering, shipping directly to you at home, free in-store or curbside pickup. We also offer local delivery with purchases over $50. 

We really appreciate you supporting locally-owned and operated, small businesses and we will do everything we can to keep you riding! Thank you for the support!